Proven, actionable strategies to grow your community, blog better, and make more money!

You're working at a job where you're overeducated, undervalued, and underpaid.

You dream of leaving your day job to do something you truly love: blog full-time!

The Blogging Babe's Handbook is a 50-page ebook that will help you grow your blog like WHOA and finally start making money from it.

In the book, you'll learn my "10 Commandments" for growing a thriving online community, making valuable connections, and earning a healthy chunk-of-change from your blog in the shortest amount of time possible.


You spend guilt-free hours every day writing new posts for your blog and interacting on social media.

You smile as you read through the 5 emails you received (today alone!) from readers who are in LOVE with your content.

You do a giddy dance when you see that $500 was just deposited into your bank account overnight (passive income, baby!)

You're asked to be interviewed on all the "big name" blogs in your niche - 'cuz well, you're pretty much a rockstar.

You quit your crappy day job because you're making so much money online that you can work from home!

"This book is exactly what I needed to get all my ducks in a row for my business. By following her tips and responding to the action items, I have gotten more hits in the last couple of days than I did the last 4 months. Thank you so much Krista!"

- Lois, Paradise Retreat

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10 chapters of no-fluff, actionable content

There's no sugar-coating in this ebook! Just straight-shooting advice to help you succeed in as little time as possible.

Direct links to my favorite blogging tools

... So you don't have to go searching all over the Internet for the best of the best when it comes to growing your blog and business.

5 printable motivational quotes

Pin these in your office or on your bedroom walls to remain inspired to grow, enjoy, and make money from your blog.

"Look no further - this is the best, most comprehensive primer for the newbie blogger, a signpost for the early-stage blogger, and a checklist for the more experienced blogger who wants to grow to the next level.

What makes this handbook standout from many in this space is the clear, step-by-step instructions for positioning a blog, the finer points of the user experience and establishing a personal brand. Krista also explains - with clarity and in-depth - the tools for success in blogging and building awareness.

Anybody serious about blogging will appreciate the comprehensive information, and will refer to it time and time again."

- Jane, 3 Score & More

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This ebook is for you if you have an existing blog BUT you're frustrated by its slow growth and the lack of money coming in.

This ebook isn't for you if you don't have a blog or you're looking for "tech help" setting one up.

This book is for bloggers who are looking for step-by-step, proven strategies to grow faster, make more connections, and earn more money.

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Krista Dickson
Krista Dickson

Hey there! I'm Krista. I help blog-woo babes grow their communities, maximize their content, and start making money so they can leave their crappy day jobs and do something they love instead. For the past year I've offered coaching, online courses, and live masterclasses to help ladies like you achieve massive success with their blogs!

"I’ve basically 10xed my blog traffic in the span of 2 months. My mind is blown by how easy that actually was!"

- Brie, Go Rattle the Stars

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**Please Note: The Blogging Babe's Handbook is an updated version of The GirlBoss Blogger's Handbook. If you have previously purchased The Girlboss Blogger's Handbook, you should have received a fresh copy of The Blogging Babe's Handbook sent to your email. If you did not, please contact me at: [email protected] **