The 6-Step System to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic (& Income!) in the Next 30 Days


As a blogger, there's one question that crawls up under my skin, makes me second-guess everything I've ever done, and sometimes, feel like a total failure.

"How many pageviews does your blog get?"

Ever been asked that before?

Raise your hand if that question make you want to...

a) Look away and pretend you didn't hear it

b) Curl up in the fetal position and die

c) Lie, lie, LIE

d) All of the above


Girl, ME TOO. Or at least, it used to make me feel that way, until I was able to hone in on the one strategy that had an enormous impact on my traffic...


Here's what life is like when you master Pinterest as a blogger...

You wake up, log into Google Analytics, and smile when you see that your monthly pageviews have TRIPLED over the last 30 days. Again.

You're excited to reach out to new brands today, and you can't wait to share your media kit with them - because hey, you have the killer traffic to back-up those rates!

Your Pinterest account runs on autopilot, and you effortlessly build your community, grow your email list, and make valuable connections, all in less than 1 hour/week.


You’re so ready to harness the power of Pinterest for your blog, but you're not quite sure where to start.

You're re-pinning things and creating new boards, but you're only getting 4 or 5 clicks back to your website per day (if you're lucky!)

You're frustrated that your pins never look quite as nice as everyone else's.

Or maybe you barely understand how Pinterest works, and this is brand-new territory for you.

Unfortunately, you can't just hop on Pinterest once a week, pin a few things, and expect big results. To make the most out of Pinterest, you need a strategy. You need a game plan, and a system that works.

...Which is where I come in!

In Pageviews from Pinterest, you'll follow my foolproof 6-step system for exploding your blog's traffic with the power of Pinterest.

This 6-step system is the exact same system I used to grow my own Pinterest account to over 5K followers in less than a year.

I'm confident that when you implement this 6-step system, your traffic from Pinterest will SKYROCKET in no time.


After taking this course, never again will you feel like crying, lying, or dying when someone asks how many pageviews your blog gets.

Never again will you feel ashamed or embarrassed to talk about your stats with a company, brand, or blogging friend.

Pinterest is the ONE strategy you NEED to focus on if you want to grow your pageviews like nobody’s business - all in less than 1 hour/week.

If you're ready to harness the power of Pinterest to skyrocket your traffic, build your community, and make connections online, Pageviews from Pinterest is for you!

“Before I started Pageviews from Pinterest, I had eight pageviews that came from Pinterest. EIGHT! I didn’t know how to make graphics, didn’t really know how Pinterest worked, and I made horrible pins and pin descriptions.

Purchasing this program was a game changer for my blog. As a result of the large amounts of traffic I’ve been getting, I have grown my email list and have been chosen to work with brands.

I have had over 17,500 pageviews just from Pinterest since starting the course.

Thank you Krista!"

- Evelyn, Flourish-ious


Here's what we'll cover in each of the modules.

Module One: Optimize Your Profile

➤ Learn my secret hack for choosing the perfect Pinterest keywords

➤ Incorporate 3 key elements into your Business Name and bio

➤ Craft a profile that attracts YOUR target audience

Module Two: Build Boards Like a Boss

➤ Boost your board SEO with optimal keyword placement

➤ Skyrocket your traffic with strategic group board pinning

➤ Design branded board covers to make your account stand out

Module Three: Design Viral Pins

➤ Learn the 6 key elements your pins need in order to go viral

➤ Follow step-by-step pin design tutorials with Canva and Illustrator

➤ Learn the easy way to set up Rich Pins for your blog

Module Four: Makeover Your Blog

➤ Make a few small tweaks to 10x the number of shares from your blog

➤ Craft attention-grabbing headlines that make people CLICK

➤ Learn how to write blog posts that your readers can't wait to share

Module Five: Pin & Schedule Like a Pro

➤ Automate your Pinterest account with BoardBooster's looping feature

➤ Use scheduling and campaigns to spread your posts far and wide

➤ Follow my recommended daily pinning schedule for maximum growth

Module Six: Analyze, Tweak, & Grow

➤ Use data from Pinterest Analytics to improve your strategies

➤ Interpret BoardBooster Reports to continuously reach more people

➤ Fill out your Analytics Tracker and watch your account grow

Module Seven: Make Money With Pinterest

➤ Create a Pinterest sales funnel to grow your list AND make money

➤ Generate passive income with Pinterest affiliate marketing

➤ Become a Pinterest Manager and secure a full-time income


Each module contains:

1. An instructional ebook guide (15-30 pages long)
2. 2-3 video step-by-step video tutorials
3. Homework assignments to help you take action


When you enroll in Pageviews from Pinterest, you'll also receive 4 special bonuses:


The Introductory Module

This bonus module covers all the basics, including how to get your account set up and how to navigate the Pinterest platform. This module is invaluable if you're brand new to Pinterest, but will be helpful even if you've been using it for years.


3,000 Free Pins with BoardBooster

BoardBooster is my favorite Pinterest tool, and 3,000 pins will be enough to last you 3-6 months. That's more than enough time to see your pageviews double, triple, or quadruple!


The Perfect Niche Workbook

This actionable workbook will help you hone in on the perfect niche and target audience for your blog. Knowing who you're writing for and what you'll write about is vital before you can make the most of Pinterest.



Branding your boards and pins is super important, and this bonus ebook will help you develop a stunning, authentic, cohesive brand for your blog.

"Since I started working with Krista, my pageviews from Pinterest have grown from 60 per month to over 10,000.

This enormous growth is all due to Krista working her Pinterest magic, as I only write a few posts per month! I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months and I really can’t recommend her expertise enough.”

- Milou, Explorista

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Pageviews for Pinterest is for bloggers who:

➤ Are frustrated with their current level of traffic, and ready to focus on the ONE strategy that yields HUGE results
➤ May already be using Pinterest, but can't figure out how to translate re-pins and followers into actual click-through traffic
➤ Want to see their pageviews double, triple, or even quadruple in the next few months

This course won't be a good fit for you if...

➤ You don't have a blog (or aren't planning on starting one soon)
➤ Your target audience isn't active on Pinterest
➤ You can't invest 2-3 hours per week to go over the course material, and 1 hour/week beyond that to manage and grow
your Pinterest account

Your Instructor

Krista Dickson
Krista Dickson

Hey there! I'm Krista. I help blog-woo babes grow their communities, maximize their content, and start making money so they can leave their crappy day jobs and do something they love instead. For the past year I've offered coaching, online courses, and live masterclasses to help ladies like you achieve massive success with their blogs!

"I hired Krista to manage and grow my Pinterest account, and within the first 30 days, we’d grown my monthly views by over 6 times!

Not only is she amazing at what does, she’s also creative, full of energy and a genuine person. If she can teach even half of what she’s able to do, you’ll be in amazing hands in this course!"

- Hailey, Trunked Creative


1. What if I've never used Pinterest before - will I be confused?

Definitely not!

I break everything down into simple, non-techy instructions. I also created the Introductory Module specifically for people who are new to Pinterest. This module covers the basics of Pinterest, explains all the "lingo", and includes 2 video tutorials to help bring you up to speed.

2. Do I need to invest a lot of money in order to see results?


Although you can pay to run ads on Pinterest, this isn't one of the strategies I endorse in Pageviews from Pinterest, and you won't need to spend any money in order to see BIG results.

3. Will this course work for me if my blog is brand-new (or not quite up-and-running yet)?


When you know how to utilize Pinterest from the get-go, you'll be able to find your tribe, build your community, and grow your traffic 10x faster as a brand-new blogger.

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I believe 100% in the value of Pageviews from Pinterest, which is why I offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with the course in any way, you can request and receive a full refund within 30 days of enrolling - no questions asked!

"I have been AMAZED at the results I've gotten from Krista in just 30 days.

Before working with her, my monthly pageviews from Pinterest were around 130, I had 40 followers, and only a handful of re-pins.

Now, I get over 1,000 views per month from Pinterest and most of my pins have over 100 re-pins. And that's all happened within the first 30 days!

(Update: a few months later Abbey was getting over 3,000 pageviews/month from Pinterest!)

I haven't changed a single thing in my marketing, so I know it is a direct result of Krista's work. If you're ready to get serious about Pinterest, Krista is your girl!"

- Abbey, The Virtual Savvy


Your time is NOW.

Are you ready to gain more traffic, subscribers, and MONEY, all in less than 1 hour per week?

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